Hello everyone!

I’m Amarianne Battle. 

As you may know, I’m an educator, entertainer, and entrepreneur. 

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My Story

My Journey of Ventriloquy-

I was watching a YouTube video about 2 years ago, when we got quarantined because of the worldwide pandemic, when I first saw a ventriloquist. It looked completely unreal! Had my eyes deceived me? It looked so cool that I decided to make a puppet and teach myself how to do it.

A year later I made a YouTube channel. I got my phone, a light, and an editing app and got to work.

After some time had passed I got offered to sign up for a program called “Next Up Boss”. This program got me started on a lifelong journey of entrepreneurship. Learning about business and other special skills to use in life, I found I had a passion for education. I want to share my knowledge with other young people and make an impact on their futures. 

Other Arts-

I wasn’t always a ventriloquist. Before I found this unique talent, I was (and still am) heavily into the performing arts. In addition to ventiriloquism, I’m a director, voice actor, singer, dancer, actress, writer, and artist.

I love spreading positivity and light in this world, and I believe in helping others do the same. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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